Transformative Tools is a curated global registry of urban sustainability rating and assessment tools that is dedicated to their advancement and the outcomes they foster. Criteria for inclusion in the registry are:

      • Urban. A focus on the built environment beyond individual buildings, from neighborhood increments up to entire cities, and their principal components.
      • Sustainability. Consideration of one or more aspects of well-being within the biosphere’s capacity to sustain future generations.
      • Rating or Assessment. An appraisal that includes a quantitative element.
      • Tool. A stand-alone procedure offered publicly to national or international markets.


In addition to the registry, Transformative Tools offers educational workshops on available tools and considerations in their selection and use. Transformative Tools is operated as a non-profit public service of Criterion Planners. Requests for workshop information, and registry comments and suggestions are welcome at eliot@transformativetools.org.

The registry is operated under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives license.