7 Team-Building Activities for Salon Staff

Are you looking to engage your people more or promote teamwork within your salon? If so, you have come to the right place! We are going to share fun and effective team-building activities for salon staff that are sure to have your people feeling more connected to each other and your salon.

Team-building exercises are important to do on a regular basis because they promote teamwork, which can dramatically improve the synergy in a salon. Salons can easily become busy and feel overwhelming to your people, and it’s important to mitigate those feelings as much as possible as they contribute to employee burnout and high turnover.

Today, stylists and workers are prioritizing a healthy and uplifting workplace culture over companies that don’t promote work-life balance or a healthy and positive culture. Not only do you need to fill your salon with high-quality beauty salon equipment, but you also need to focus on creating a high-quality culture. One way that salon owners and managers can create this kind of atmosphere is by making teamwork a core pillar in their business.

But how do you promote teamwork in your salon’s culture and business? You create it through team-building exercises.

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The Best Team-Building Activities for Salons

To assist you in creating a culture that boosts employee morale and improves productivity, we have included some of the most effective team-building exercises for salons below.

Host Friendly Competitions

If you want to show your staff the benefits of teamwork, divide your team members up into two or three teams and have a friendly competition that lasts for a few weeks or a month. You can have these teams compete in activities like the ones below:

  • Which team can get the most positive reviews from clients
  • Which team has the most organized salon stations
  • Which team sells the most products
  • Which team posts the most to social media using the salon’s hashtag

Of course, there are many ways to boost friendly competitions throughout your salon, which is why we advise getting feedback from your people on which competition might be the most rewarding and fun for them.


Have Regular Team Meetings

Would it be feasible for you to have a team meeting with your people at the beginning of every shift? How about at the beginning of every workweek? Whether you have these team meetings every day or weekly, they can help your teams feel more connected to you and their peers. You can include fun exercises in these team meetings or take the time to recognize employees, which will also help you boost employee morale.

Happy Hour or Team Dinners

Is getting together outside of the salon important to you and your team members? If so, you can host happy hours or monthly dinners for your staff. This gives everyone the opportunity to get to know each other outside of work, and it also shows employees that you care about them as an individual.


Does your salon pride itself on philanthropic work or center itself on a mission like sustainability? If so, volunteering to be a part of initiatives that your company cares about can bring your team together and unite them outside the salon.

Create and Host Clubs

What do your stylists and people like to do outside of work? You could always start a book club, yoga club or sports club that allows your people to engage in their favorite things while they are also at work.

Peer Recognition Initiatives

A great way to boost teamwork and morale at your salon is to start an employee recognition program. Have your people submit reviews or positive statements about their coworkers and recognize them during team meetings. This will make your employees feel like they are part of a team that values their work and presence. Make sure you showcase your stylist’s work on your salon’s social media and support them as an owner or manager.

Treat Employees to Lunch

Once a month, you can block out the salon’s calendar for an hour or two in the afternoon to treat your employees to lunch. During this time, you all can enjoy lunch and each other’s company while getting to know one another.


Benefits of Team-Building Exercises

There are many reasons why a salon should prioritize team-building exercises and teamwork. Here are some of the many reasons why team-building is a critical component in ensuring a salon’s success.

Improve the Culture – By encouraging your people to work together when your salon gets busy and styling chairs fill up, you create a culture that promotes employee happiness and health. When other teammates are inclined to help out their peers, it reassures everyone that they will get the help they need even during the busiest of times. For example, if you’re running behind because the salon is busy, but another stylist replenishes salon supplies for you, that not only helps you out, but it encourages you to keep teamwork front of mind.

Keep Your Employees Longer – Employee burnout causes high turnover rates for salons, which are created by unrealistic and busy workplace expectations. By having team-building exercises on a regular basis, you are showing your employees that you care about the culture and want to ensure that your people can rely on their team. This boosts employee retention.

Boost Employee Morale – Loving your job is one thing, but coming into a workplace where you feel cared for, accepted and a part of a family is another. Team-building exercises build a family-like culture that so many workers prioritize when they are looking for a career.

Innovate at a Higher Rate – When your people work together, they can come up with innovative solutions to almost any problem. By listening to your people and implementing changes that they feel would boost business or foster more teamwork, you have a unique opportunity to grow the business and improve the culture.

Every salon is different, and some of these team-building exercises may work better for some salons than others. You know your people and business more than anyone else, and you can adapt these team-building exercises to fit your salon perfectly.

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