How Can I Improve My Basketball Shooting at Home?

How Can I Improve My Basketball Shooting at Home?

Going to the basketball court for practice is essential, but it isn’t requisite to brush up your skills as a basketball athlete. With consistent at-home training and meticulous practice, and building on individual shooting drills basketball, you can improve your game at home.

Refining Your Basketball Shooting at Home

Watch The Basketball Virtuosos Play

You can brush up your form and techniques and improve your confidence by merely watching the esteemed shooting champions groove their shots over and over again. Good habits can be contagious. So, as you watch more and more, the excellent form and techniques become ingrained in your mind.

It would be best if you never stopped learning. You can learn many things, including the best basketball shooting drills, by watching numerous shooting videos/ great shooting DVDs. You can also get inspired by reading a lot of books on pro shooters and shooting techniques.

Get A Home Basketball Machine

Using a basketball rebounding machine can double (even triple) the number of shots you can take during basketball practice at home. With a shooting machine, the need to chase the ball every time after a goal is eliminated, and you get the advantage of taking more shots in less time.

Set your shooting machine to track specific metrics (arc, left/right position, or depth) and divide your practice time evenly, concentrating on one metric at a time. When your practice session ends, determine which metric needs to be improved and work on that.

Similarly, work on catch and release to stimulate the shots that you might take in a game. It is essential to incorporate the elements of your basketball shooting into practice so that you can pinpoint the areas you need to improve to take the perfect shot.

Practice The Best Basketball Shooting Drills

When you don’t have access to a court and a hoop, or you want to practice at home, there are plenty of drills that you can do to improve your shot. You need a basketball to practice the following drills:

Ball and Line Shooting

Find a line somewhere. Place your dominant foot in the center with line and shoot the basketball in such a way that it lands only a few feet in front of you. Lay your focus on making the basketball land center with the chosen line. Work on your release position, follow-through, and hip position to polish up your left-right deviation.

If you have a long enough line to follow, let the ball drop and take a step further and jump to re-position, and prepare for your next shot off the bounce until you reach the end of the line.

Quick-Release Wall Shooting

To get better at individual shooting drills basketball:

  • Find a tall wall, and stand a few feet away.
  • Bounce the basketball with a spin as if you are receiving a bounce pass from your teammate.
  • Catch the ball and jump closer to the wall as you prepare to shoot and release the ball. Your position should be close enough to the chosen wall that the basketball stays near your body to force a one-motion shot.

This position will ensure that you keep a smooth and high release.

Seated Form Shooting

For one of the classic basketball shooting drills at home, look for a chair to take a seat. Working on your release, shoot the ball in such a way that it lands a few feet ahead of you. Lay your focus mainly on the ball’s spin so that it bounces back to you. You will know that you are shooting correctly and consistently by observing the position in which you get the hold of the ball after every bounce.

Important Practice at Home

The best shooters have become successful solely because they have focused on building muscle memory. One of the best things you can practice at home to improve your shooting is building muscle memory.

Basketball is a fast-paced game. You will lack time to think about the shooting techniques when the clock will be running down, and your opponents will be trying to steal the ball from you. You must practice shooting more and more so that taking a shot- from grip to the release- feels natural.

Muscle memory makes the movements natural for your body to not have to think about the movement before taking the shot. One effective way to build muscle memory at home is by laying on your back and continuously repeating your shooting motion.

Wrapping Up

There are plenty of things that you can do at home to improve your basketball shooting. Whether you have a home basketball machine or not, practicing the right form and developing good muscle memory at home can help you rack up the points in no time.

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