New Year – New You or Old You?

The New Year is a time many of us look at ourselves and our lives to see what we can do better. We look at what we’ve accomplished. We look at what we want to accomplish. It’s a logical starting point, right? The calendar rolls over to a new year and the months begin again at number 1. It’s a fresh start, but it’s a psychological crutch more than anything else. We can have a fresh start any time we want; but if it helps us look at our lives and recommit to our Goals, then let’s go for it!

We set Goals because we want to be better, have better or do better. Rather than talk about the Goals we set for the coming year, let’s look at what kind of person we plan on being. Too often we ignore this.

We should always try to be a better person. Why? For most the old us hasn’t worked out so well. Or the old us isn’t where we want to be yet. We need to make some changes. If we don’t, we’ll just get similar results in the New Year. The me of last year didn’t accomplish every Goal I set, even though I hit some major ones. That me needs to give way to the new me.

Goal-Setting is an area of self-improvement or personal development. Notice that it’s “self” and “personal.” We work on ourselves at least as much as the Goals we set for income, things, etc. I doubt anyone is perfectly satisfied with who they are. Those that do probably don’t set Goals anyway. They’ve accepted where they are and that’s all they’ll have until this changes.

What areas of your personality, habits and relationships do you need to work on? These define who you are more than any others. Your personality largely is your thoughts, feelings and how you see the world. These determine how you act and how others see you. Which thoughts, feelings and views of the world need to be updated?

Your habits are what you do without thinking. Breathing is a habit. Tying the left shoe first is a habit. Putting your pants on right leg, then left leg is a habit. So is getting up at a certain time, or hitting the snooze button. So is eating unhealthy foods. So is goofing off when you should be working. What habits do you need to work on increasing or deleting from your life?

Your relationships are the most important. We think of our relationships as family and close friends; but it’s really everyone we encounter, even in the checkout line or the elevator. How do we interact with them? Do we look them in the eye? Do we treat them with respect and decency? Do we spend time with our loved ones? Do we talk to our friends often enough? Good relationships begin with how we act toward others. What interactions with the people you know and meet need to be better? What relationships need to be strengthened or just ended?

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