10 Easy Ways to Get Energized and Awake

10 Easy Ways to Get Energized and Awake

The issue of increasing energy is of interest to everyone, without exception. It is high energy that is the key to success in all spheres of life. No matter how pretentious it may sound, we are nothing without power. Even basic visualization works better for those with vital energy. Energy is your most important resource for life. Your performance depends on the amount of vital energy, how much you can do in a day.

Therefore, if you feel lethargic, lazy or apathy, put off all business. Anyway, in this state, you will not do much. And start increasing your energy levels.

Here are ten ways to help you get energized and alert very quickly:

1 – Clean up junk from your apartment and workplace

Throw away all the old things you haven’t used for a year or more. Please get rid of broken items or have them repaired. Take out all unnecessary things. Any junk reduces the energy of the space in which you live. So, it makes you weaker too. Trash even has its smell. So, the freer it will be in your apartment, the brighter it will be there, the fewer things there will be, the more energy you will have, and the more often you will have a great mood.

2 – Massage your ears

In oriental medicine, the ear’s outer part is viewed as a microsystem representing the entire body. After all, the ear is very similar to a human embryo.

There are about 120 active points on the auricle. By acting on these points, you can mobilize the body’s reserve forces and, in fact, massage the whole body. This will make you realize that how much beneficial and relaxing it can be, for your body.

So, if you want to cheer up, grab your ears and do with them what you want. Think of them, roll them up, massage them. After just 5 minutes of ear massage, you will feel a surge of strength and energy.

3 – Create a personal achievement hall of fame

Any memory of their victories invigorates and cheers up. And if you can look at all your successes gathered in one place; you will energize your fighting spirit in a matter of minutes.

If you place all the memories of your achievements in one place, it will help you energize yourself whenever you are down. So, better recollect every memory you have in your subconscious and store them somewhere on your phone or a memory book.

4 – Cheer yourself up with food

Raspberries, apples, oranges and grapefruits will fill you up with energy very quickly. You can also make yourself a drink like this – Mint + 1 lemon wedge + 1-2 teaspoons of honey. A glass of such a cocktail tone up your body and fills you with freshness and vigor.

5 – Sleep for 20-30 minutes

Sleep is our body’s charger. If you feel a lack of energy, then you should not squeeze out of yourself beyond the effort. Better to lie down and rest. Even just lying with your eyes closed will cheer you up. A 30-minute nap will fill you with even more energy.

Therefore, if it is possible to sleep for 20-30 minutes during the day, and then you will spend the second half of the day with the same efficiency as the first. Sleep is the utmost important thing for your energy levels in any part of the day.

6 – Take a contrast shower & do physical activity

Alternating hot and cold water is a good exercise for your vessels. It perfectly disperses the blood and gives you energy. Water can also cleanse your life from negativity, absorbing and taking it with you into the drain hole. A shower gel with a refreshing citrus scent will help enhance the effect.

If you want to get the maximum flow of energy and vivacity, use this video’s complete technique. 7–10-minute walk in the fresh air. People who are getting alcoholism treatment also have a low energy level. To boost their stories, they are provided with a similar treatment.

There is much more energy and light outdoors than indoors. Plus, physical activity in the form of a walk will strain your muscles and disperse the blood throughout the body.

All this will give you strength and quickly cheer you up. If you want to solve a fundamental problem for yourself during this walk, try the technique.

8 – Create a collection of your favorite songs

Sound is pure energy. Certain sounds can resonate with your inner strength and increase it from the first seconds. I’m sure you have such songs. Find their video clips on YouTube. And when you need to recharge and get more energetic, watch them and listen.

Sing and dance if you can. Just repeat the movements from the clip. If you have a musical instrument, play along with it. It doesn’t matter if you can or not. Do as you can. The sound of music will cheer you up. The dance moves will disperse the blood. And singing will saturate the blood with oxygen, which will also give you strength and energy.

9 – Call your loved one or a good friend, or better meet

Communication with those whom we love and who we like charges with energy and positive. Words of support and hugs can not only energize you but inspire you to great deeds. So, talk to your loved ones more often.

10 – Think about a dream

A dream is what you want. Want passionately, with all your heart and soul. This is something that in itself energizes you.

Think about a dream, browse the pages on the Internet describing your vision. Start making a plan to achieve it; gather information. All this will make you stronger here and now. That’s all.

Do you want to get an inexhaustible source of energy and inspiration? Just start focusing on your energy levels and understand your body.

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