Dubai For Students’ Accommodation

Dubai For Students’ Accommodation

Academics in the modern age is something that one cannot compromise on. Quality education is a crucial element that will shape the future of our generations. When someone talks about Dubai, tourism, and luxury lifestyle pop into the mind. Now, it is also becoming one of the top countries that students are pursuing for the purpose of higher studies. Dubai acknowledges the struggle of student life and the needs of youngsters that venture to leave their homes for a better tomorrow. Therefore, it provides students with a villa for sale in Dubai, near great universities that are extremely profitable investment opportunities given the great flux of students that come to study in Dubai. Students can also enjoy a luxurious lifestyle with Madinat Jumeirah living style. Dubai has hired excellent teachers from various parts of the world, so they could provide the students with the best education and celebrate the diversity among them. However, one factor that is crucial to analyze when one is deciding to go abroad for studies is expenses. Since tuition fees keep skyrocketing, it is no surprise that for students it is extra hard to make the ends meet.

Students have to make sure that they will be able to live a comfortable life in order to excel in their academics. As many are also far away from their homes, managing finances and other necessities are tough jobs as well. To ease students’ pain, we are enlisting some of the amazing institutes and branches of great universities in Dubai that not only help students with their budget by brushing up their professional skills and offering generous scholarships, but also have an affordable neighborhood to enjoy the seclusion that students require to focus on their education. The following is a list of student-friendly resident areas that are super close to institutes, are cheap, and offer other perks as well.

Manipal Academy of Higher Education in Dubai

Manipal Academy of Higher Education is a well known institute in India that has recently opened its branch in Dubai, which is just as good if not better. For the Indian students, this place is like home in another foreign land. This institute looks gorgeous due to its wide exterior and vibrant interiors. It is known for its great number of Alumni with a number reaching 28,000 per year. It is advantageous for real estate to invest in the neighborhoods of this university.

Middlesex University Dubai

Named after the Middlesex University in London, this is another exemplary institute for students who believe that diversity is imperative for their growth. Middlesex University aims to provide its students a suitable atmosphere irrespective to their ethnic roots. Moreover, the institute tries to encourage its students to contribute themselves for their developing nations.

Dubai Design and innovation

Dubai Design and Innovation is an outstanding university that trains its creative students to face day to day challenges for artist’s life. This is a nonprofit institute which has been authorized by the Education ministry of the United Arab Emirates, the curriculum of the institute is designed by a non-other than the popular Massachusetts Institute of Technology and well reputed Parsons School of Design. Another reason that makes this institute the top of the list for students from modest backgrounds is the cheap neighborhood around it.

Swiss School of Management Dubai

This famous business school is one of the most coveted institutes that allows its pupils to be innovative with their ideas and provides quality certification that is not only helpful for their professional education but also introduces the students to current technology and leadership skills.

Murdoch University Dubai

This university is one of the best institutes in Dubai due to its excellent faculty and exuberant campus. The main branch is located in Australia and is considered to be one the greatest Australian Universities of all times. Just like in Murdoch University of Australia, the teachers at Dubai campus are also extremely keen to guide their students.

For students coming from different parts of the world, also enjoy the luxuries of Dubai and they can have a great time in places like Emaar Beachfront.

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