How To Prepare For Cbse Class 11th Commerce?

How To Prepare For Cbse Class 11th Commerce?

If you have chosen the Commerce stream after your 10th boards, you might want to know several things? Many questions would have popped up in your head. How to prepare? What books to study? Which subjects to give more emphasis? And many more. Well, you have landed on the right page then. Here we will let you know how you can score good in your 11th Class and ace the examination. Read On!

How To Prepare For Cbse Class 11 Commerce

Here we would list some of the strategies and tips for you to start with.

Plan A Schedule And Follow It

Firstly, make a routine of sleeping, eating, and studying. All of these are equally important. Sleep early and wake up early in the morning. Do some exercise for a calm mind and a healthy body. Do have breakfast and sit back to study. Pick any of the decided subjects and thoroughly read it. Do take little breaks in between. But make sure you don’t waste much time on it.  Ensure checking your plan of study by ticking the To-Do list activities.

Be Consistent And Remain Focused

Preparing a plan of action is easy but executing it daily is a bit difficult. Make sure you follow every activity as planned.  Yes, sometimes circumstances can play foul play but make sure most of the time you remain focused. By maintaining consistency, you would be more confident, organized, and complete your syllabus on time.

Multiple Ways Of Studying

Gone are the days when only books used to be the only mode of study. Well, you would have your Class 11th commerce books with you. Take the help of guidebooks and reference books available easily. Books are provided for a thorough understanding of the chapters and not only remember it like a parrot. Also, you can take CBSE 11th commerce classes online. There are expert teachers online who can guide you and help to solve your doubts.

Extract Time For Playful Activities

Do you like to listen to music? Or have a passion for drawing? Well, it is good to take up your interests in routine life. They are good for building self-confidence and self-motivation. At least give 30 minutes of your days to your favorite activity. As said, All work and no play made Jack a dull boy.

Solving Previous Years Sample Papers

When your course is about to end in each subject, try practicing with solving more and more last years’ question papers—practice, practice, and practice. Practice makes a man perfect. Ensure you solve sample papers available in the school library or online. CBSE 11th Commerce classes online tutorials and mock tests are another way to evaluate how much you have understood.

Every Commerce subjects must be given equal importance. There are five subjects, so allocate fixed hours for each of them. Do not clutter with every subject daily but do manage to finish each of them on time. You cannot ace the exam by studying Class 11th Commerce books of your favorite subject only. So do follow the above-mentioned strategies and come out with flying colors!

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