Plumbing Problems Covered by Insurance and Those Which Are Not

Before you pay for that homeowner’s insurance you thought of buying, it helps to read and understand the policy in advance or better yet, prepare the basic questions you’d like answered and when your agent comes, you won’t miss a thing.

Remember that not all plumbing damages can be covered by the usual insurance. In general, only those deemed unexpected and accidental water damage as a result of plumbing failure or malfunction, a broken pipe or even a shattered water heater can be covered.

That said, you should always deal with a licensed plumber Rockdale professional for regular maintenance to avoid any system breakdown. As they say, “prevention is better than cure” and this holds true for your plumbing system. This list below shows plumbing problems that are covered and not covered by insurance.

Plumbing Problems Covered by Insurance

  • Burst Pipe

When a pipe bursts all of a sudden and causes serious damage to your system no matter how you take good care of it, then the cost of repair is covered.

  • Pipe Leaks

If the leak is due to frozen pipes and you have taken the necessary precautions to prevent it from happening, your insurance provider will likely reimburse your repair expenses.

  • Leaks that Harm the Home

Dwelling coverage is one of the clauses stipulated in the policy which states that if any part of the house for instance, walls, floorboards or roof is damaged owing to leaking from burst pipes, the insurance will pay for the repairs.

  • Malfunction that Damages Properties

Let’s presume there’s sudden and accidental plumbing malfunction which caused damage to your properties like laptop, PC, TV, furniture, even clothing, your insurance will pay you. Known as the property coverage, this insurance covers home appliances if they get damaged.

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Plumbing Problems Not Covered by Insurance

  • Slow Gradual Leaks

Pipes that are slowly and constantly leaking for quite some time are excluded in most home insurance policies as well as water damage caused by regional flooding.

  • Flood Damage

Regional flooding typically happens when spring and winter rains mix with melting snow to fill river basins to the brim and then flood the banks. If your system is damaged from this type of flooding, there’s no coverage although you may claim insurance only if you purchase a separate flood insurance coverage from your insurer, assuming that the company is sort of involved in the government’s flood insurance program or perhaps, disaster relief program.

  • Mould-Related Issues

Plumbing issues owing to mould growth are normally excluded from the standard insurance policies but then you can arrange with your provider to add it as an optional rider if you want it covered.

  • Outdated Plumbing

If your old plumbing system is deemed replaceable by your certified plumber as it is showing signs of corrosion, rust, wear and ageing, your provider will not possibly refund your expenses.

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