Steps to Become a Successful YouTuber


YouTube has become one of the best career options for many passionate creators. However, it is not as easy as it looks. Many people have made it big on YouTube with millions of subscribers. But this takes hard work and time. You cannot just create YouTube videos and hope for success. There are some tips and strategies that will help you increase your chances of success.

  • Pick your passion: The first step to success is to pick a genre that you are passionate about. This is the only way you will stay interested in what you are doing, and making videos regularly won’t feel like a chore. No matter how boring or odd, having a passion can be the first step to making a successful career on YouTube. You can create YouTube videos, using the brilliant YouTube video editor, InVideo, on anything from breaking phones (JerryRigsEverything) to woodturning (Andy Phillip). These videos may seem very niche, but they are found interesting by millions of people. Passion is infectious, and if you are passionate about something, you will make great videos, and people will find it interesting, and soon you will have a dedicated fanbase.
  • Create a unique channel: A good idea isn’t enough for making a great YouTube channel. You need a lot more. For example, a unique intro and outro music can attract attention. Some great art and design can help your videos stand out.
  • Plan the content well: Having a plan before making videos is a great idea. Have a clear vision for your channel and make videos that are in line with that vision. There are ideas and inspiration everywhere, but it is never good to copy or plagiarize videos. You have to create YouTube videos thinking about how they will be relevant even a year later.
  • Be consistent: The most famous YouTubers have been consistent with their style and schedule. They stick to being themselves while trying some new things, and they post videos regularly, so the audience never gets a chance to forget them. The best example in this regard is PewDiePie, with over 100 million subscribers. He has been posting videos for over a decade now and has had consistent growth, and has become the platform’s biggest star.
  • Develop a posting schedule: Whether it is every day, every three days, or every week, develop a posting schedule and stick to it. You could also mention in your video when you are planning on dropping your next video so your subscribers can stay alert and wait for your next video.
  • Ensure the video quality is good: Gone are the days when bad video quality was a YouTube hallmark. The YouTube algorithm will not even promote your videos if you do not have decent video quality. The minimum resolution should be 1080p. 4K is also getting more and more popular.Phone cameras will likely not suffice for most videos, and you have to purchase a good camera. Go for a brand like GoPro, Canon, Panasonic, has, or Sony.
  • Interact with your viewers: The best way to stay in touch with your audience is through the comments section of your videos. The best way to stay relevant is to make content that people want to watch. Making generic videos that do not connect with your audience will not accelerate growth. Conducting live sessions and doing Q&A sessions is a good way to connect with your audience. After all, subscribers are the key to growth.
  • Decide on your target audience and genre: YouTube has a plethora of content, and it is easy to get lost in the crowd. The most popular genre that people choose to create YouTube videos on are commentary, gaming, fitness, science, beauty, cooking, and travel. Though there are thousands of creators already in these genres, there is always room for more perspectives. Present your unique personality and perspective to viewers, and they are sure to relate.
  • Show off your personality: Showing off your personality in the form of jokes and quips will make you seem relatable, and your audience will grow to like your style. Feel free to show off your personality and acquire fans!
  • Be patient: Remember that YouTube success does not happen overnight. The first thing to remember is that becoming successful on YouTube is a long and tedious process. If you keep at it and follow the right steps, you will surely achieve some level of success. While going viral isn’t on everyone’s horizon, moderate success is achievable.
  • Check YouTube Analytics: YouTube Analytics helps creators understand details about their channel that aren’t evident. Understanding and studying these analytics can better understand what your channel is lacking and what you can improve on to achieve success.
  • Learn from your mistakes: If a particular style isn’t working out, don’t be afraid to try something new. The key is to learn from mistakes and get better at making videos. Some of the best things you will learn about improving your videos are from your older videos.
  • Stay updated about your genre or niche: This is especially important if you are a tech YouTuber. There are new developments every day, and it is important to keep up with the news.
  • Use SEO: Using the right keywords in video titles, playlists, etc., can help your videos show up in searches. This is one of the best ways to accelerate the growth of your channel. Optimizing the search results and showing up in results when a search is done is one of the best ways to grow your channel.
  • 15.  Don’t use too much fluff: If you ramble on about unnecessary things in your videos, chances are, your viewer will lose interest. Keep the intros and outros short, and try to talk about the main content as much as possible. Also, mention what you will be talking about in each video. Ensure the videos aren’t too long and don’t drag them out just to reach the 10-minute mark.

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