Stories of Immigrants and Thanksgiving


Immigrants are a reality of the world. In the modern world, when numerous other issues are occurring, one of the gifts we have is immigration. The reasons behind the immigration are not soft and smooth every time. Some people have to leave their country due to bad economic, education, personal life and sometimes for survival. No matter what is the case, it is always hard and struggling to come up with the idea of leaving your state and moving to any other place. Not one has the courage to do it, but in certain conditions, some brave people do it.

Thanksgiving is a time of year when everyone embraces each other, shares food, shares happiness and has a good time together. It is a time to thank for all the blessings and look forward to a happy life. For immigrants, things are quite critical at that time. In a new state, they struggled hard to achieve some status, but all the memories they left behind are still there.  It is the time when there is a need for a Special Thanksgiving Day episode in everyone’s life with the stories of immigrants. When we are giving time to our family and loved ones, and then why not appreciate the people who are now a part of us.

A Blast From the Past

Every single event and occasion is critical for everyone. We normally think of the people we love and care about this special occasion. Living without them is even difficult for us. It is the case with the immigrants out there. They remind of all the memories from the past on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s as well. Unfortunately, they rarely have something to share these stories in general. Neither anyone shares their stories normally.

Every Moment to Rejoice

It is maybe the time of year when you are listening to the Podcast with Naelyn Pike or anyone else and having some special thanksgiving editions. However, you are listening about the events and emotions that have been done or happening, and you lived it. If at this time you get to hear the stories of immigrants and their struggles in some podcast, then you will be able to relate to them. It is about not only their issues but also some memories to rejoice. Possibly many of the presenters come up with the motivational and morale-boosting stories of immigrants to let them rejoice every moment of the day. It is about leaving them all the good memories related to the event and encouraging them to become forward and be part of celebrations.

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Passing the Memories to Others

Sharing of these stories is not just about letting a person know that he or she matters and the story counts. It is about passing on the memories to others. Numerous immigrants are in the same country coming from the same country, sharing some memories but unable to share them. On thanksgiving, using social platforms and sharing these memories will bring them closer. They will pass on their memories to each other and somehow to the next generation.

Sharing the Pain

The pain all immigrants have been having in them for a long time. Sharing the stories will share that pain. It lets them open up about the feels that have been deep inside their heart. It is like letting out everything and having another shoulder to support. With the social spread of these stories, it lets the other to be sensitized about immigrants and help them to cope up with the situation they are going through.

There are More Things to Know!

It is not just about the pain that immigrants have to share on thanksgiving. They have some fun stories as well. Every single person has a different story from a different perspective. Listening to their stories and telling about them to others is the process of conversion. It is necessary to pass on to other generations that are our future. By sharing their stories of potential courage, sorrow, happiness, love, grief and emotions, we encourage these emotions in youth. These are a source of sensitizing youth about past events, life, relations, values and much more.

There is no doubt that immigrants have faced numerous challenges in their stages and new states as well. Sharing their stories on thanksgiving can help youth and society to accept these newcomers in the country. They are not a burden on the nation. But, a participant with all of his or her potential, family, life, skills and values to the country. They are building bridges between nations and giving strength to a state. Thanksgiving is a time to appreciate them, welcome and embrace them for all the goods and the odds.

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