What are the Biggest Reasons Why Your Website Loading Slow?

Having a digital presence is crucial to succeeding in this modern world. After building and making your website online for your visitors, you may feel relaxed and ready to get more leads and sales. But this is not as easy as it seems. You need to maintain your website on daily basis. But after doing all the necessary implementation, one day when you woke up, you experience that your website is getting low. So why is it so?

You may have heard that slow and steady wins the race, but in the digital world, there is no space for the slow ones. You need to strive for a better loading speed to get leads and get rid of bounce rates.  There are many reasons why your website loading slow, but often it is linked with your hosting provider.

Hosting is often considered the backbone of any website. Therefore, many websites obtain VPS server hosting that enables them to get more flexibility, reliability, speed, and better performance. You can also check the VPS server hosting price that can give the best return on investment. But what about the other reasons? Let’s explore below.

Biggest Reasons Why Your Website Loading Slow

Your website is loading slow but how it affects your credibility and leads? In the digital world, every second matter. Even if your site is delayed for a single second, you may lose potential visitors and credibility. But why? The reason is 47% of consumers expect a website to load within less than 2 seconds. Therefore, a 1-second delay can cause a 7% reduction in conversions.

This is the reason to optimize your website speed. But when your website starts loading slow, most beginners find it hard to identify the reasons. Therefore, this blog shares the most common and biggest reasons for your website loading slow.

No Use of Content Delivery Network

Most of the time, website owners never know the importance of a content delivery network. This can be the reason behind your website loading slow. But how content delivery network works? it is based on the several servers place in different geographical locations of the world. Therefore, when you take CDN services, your site data is stored in various servers.

So when a visitor clicks on your website, the nearest server quickly shows the web page without a delay. This boosts your website speed and helps you to provide a better customer experience.

Excessive Overhead

There are many extraneous items found in your site database that can become the cause of website slow loading speed. Extraneous items include things from the theme, plugins, transits, logs, and others that can build over time. This can cause the server to take more time in responding to queries. Therefore, optimizing your database by removing overhead can help you in making your speed better.

Bad Web Host

This is the most common reason behind your website loading slow. The hosting world is filled with numerous hosting providers claiming to be the number one. However, most of the hosting providers never provide satisfactory results that affect your site speed. Therefore, you need to pick the hosting provider that offers more uptime, and high speed to its users. But how to find one? The easiest way to find out the best hosting provider is to check

  • It’s credibility
  • Reviews on third-party platforms
  • Policies

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