Why You Need A Gallery Plugin

Do you want to create a Product Gallery in ? Indeed, image galleries are perfect to add countless photos in rows and columns so that you can have enough space to display as many photos as you want. But, you might find the process of creating an image gallery as complex as time-consuming. That is why you need to use an effective gallery plugin to create a unique image gallery as per your desires. In this article, we are going to discuss why you need a gallery plugin and how to use it to create a stunning image gallery.

Top Reasons To Use A Gallery Plugin:

#1 Packed With Features: The gallery plugin comes with a bunch of amazing features that include:

  • Responsive layout designs to offer a device-friendly interface.
  • Various visual customization options to change font colors and styles.
  • Gallery layout options to add 2d and 3d animation effects.
  • Allow you to add titles and tags to every gallery photo.
  • Image optimization and resizing with CDN and automatic compression.
  • Several management tools to organize multiple images in order.
  • Flexibility to create multiple video and audio galleries with one plugin.
  • Watermarking and custom thumbnailing to prevent unauthorized use.

While these features seem amazing, you can use them according to your site’s unique requirements. Without even knowing how to code CSS or JavaScript, you can use the gallery plugin for various purposes.

#2 Integrate Image Gallery With : Having only a studio site isn’t enough to sell your photographs and artworks. Instead, you need to Create Product Gallery with the help of a powerful gallery plugin. The best part of using an image gallery plugin is that you can use it to create multiple image galleries and then integrate these galleries into your site.

You can use click-through shortcodes in the contents of your so that visitors can see the image galleries with one click. Otherwise, you can use the gallery plugin’s lightbox feature to spotlight the audience’s attention on specific images and photos from the gallery. Once someone clicks on a photo, it pops up in its original size, while blurring out the background completely.

#3 Share Contents on Social Media: Today, social media is the easiest media channel to reach out to more online consumers. You can utilize the power of social media for your site. While using the gallery plugin to create stunning image galleries, share the portfolio photos on your social media. In this way, you can directly share the contents from your to Facebook, or Instagram, or Twitter.

#4 Use The Image Gallery As Your Product Catalogue: Consider the image gallery as your Product Gallery that the audience will view as a product catalog. You can segregate the images of the products into separate albums so that people can browse through the gallery easily without being confused. Not just this saves time but improves the overall customer experience. Also, this is a great way to keep everything well-managed and well-organized.

#5 Easy Integration with WooCommerce To Sell Photos: What comes next after you Create Product Gallery? It’s time to sell, isn’t it? But, to sell anything online, you need a digital store. The WooCommerce plugin is perfect for creating an online store. You can easily integrate it with the existing site and Image Galleries.

Once you create a digital store with WooCommerce, you have to enable it on your site. You can place the viewing options for your product gallery anywhere on the site. In this way, you can set up your online store within minutes and start selling your artworks and photographs online.

How to use the Gallery Plugin to create stunning image galleries:

Download | .org

Let’s use the FooGallery gallery plugin that lets you create fully-responsive and modern image galleries with ease in . So, let’s get started.

First, choose either the free version, or the pro version, or the premium plugin version. Based on what plan you choose, you will get different sets of gallery plugin features. So, install and activate the plugin on your site.

After the plugin is activated, visit the settings page and enter the license key which will lead you to the option to create the first image gallery. Choose a unique title for the gallery and then start uploading your Product Gallery images in it. You can also use images stored in the media library.

Once you finish uploading, you can click on each image to add different captions, titles, and Tags. Next, change the gallery configurations such as the layout design,  number of rows/columns, image lazy loading, thumbnail sizes, etc.

You can even use other plugins such as Lightbox plugin, WooCommerce plugin, etc. alongside the gallery plugin. These plugins work cohesively to enhance the overall appearance of your image gallery.

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