Black Shower Screen – Giving Your Bathroom a Modern Look

Black Shower Screen – Giving Your Bathroom a Modern Look

Black shower screens can be very stylish when put into the right bathroom. The ebony hue adds a feeling of elegance, and while they definitely add beautiful color to an otherwise open plan shower, they take the attention away from the clean, open space. What’s more black shower glass panels when placed against a neutral white tile background, can make a dramatic statement. But, that’s not all that can be said about them. Because of their sleek and streamlined design, they’re also great for hiding the workings of a showerhead, which adds a degree of functionality and usefulness.

In terms of style, black shower screens are among the most classic and timeless colors, which is one reason why they’re so easily become a favorite in homes across the world. When they first began appearing on commercial property, particularly those built in modernist styles, they were mostly used as a contrast to the tile and glass of the shower doors. However, as home styles have changed, so, too, have the colors that are used in interior design. Black is still an available color, but many other colors have become popular such as green, white, blue, and pink. While these colors are great if you’re looking for something a bit different, the majority of people will still generally choose black, simply because it is a known fact that it is masculine.

Glass is another option for a black shower screen, although, in some instances, it is preferable not to use it. Why? Because glass is cold and can alter the temperature of the room. When placed within an enclosure made of acrylic or polycarbonate, for example, the effect will be much more subtle.

The type of frame used to make the enclosure is also important. Generally, the more compact the frame, the better, because the enclosure will need to be less likely to shatter if someone tries to get at the inner workings with a razor. A matte black finish is also much less likely to damage the walls if somebody should try to force their way into the enclosure. However, if the matte finish is too small, then a black shower screen may be a better choice, as the darker color will not clash with the tiles. Also, if the screens are for a walk-in shower, then the matte finish may be more suitable. However, if the enclosure has a glass door, then using a black-framed panel is preferable.

If you are going for a particularly contemporary look, then you can use a large glossy shade of black as the dominant color in the enclosure. The shade can be kept black throughout the rest of the enclosure, but be sure that you allow all of the sunlight through. This will create an ambiance where you feel the urge to exercise more – even if it’s just standing in one place. Alternatively, use white mixed with black to create a minimalist feel. However, if you do want to add some contrast to the design, then use a few splashes of contrasting colors in the outer rims of the screen. This can work extremely well if the bathroom is situated in a modern part of the house.

However, if your style bathroom does not have this luxury, then a black frame shower door is what you need. These doors are available in two styles: the hinged sliding shower door, which allows you to glide the door smoothly along with the frame; and the gliding wooden sliding shower door. In addition to allowing the door to glide easily along with the frame, they also provide a good amount of privacy if the bathroom is located in a well-lit area. These are much more costly than the hinged model but obviously will have more features.

Because glass panels are the most popular form of black frame shower doors, it’s easy to find ones that come ready to install. However, if you prefer your installation to be a little more DIY friendly, then you should be aware that there are ready to assemble kits that you can purchase from most home improvement stores or online. The kits will provide all of the materials that you will need as well as detailed instructions on how to put them together. These kits will usually come with a detailed list of all of the materials that you will need to complete the job, but if there is anything that is missing, it is normally available separately. Most kits will also include a detailed construction diagram so that you can be sure that everything is put together correctly.

If you are going for a contemporary look, then one option for black shower screens and hinged shower trays would be the raised panel design. This is slightly more expensive than the regular panel option, but it gives a very sleek, modern look. Some of these panels even feature cutouts in their design to allow you to install hand showers or water pumps behind them. However, they aren’t very practical for wet rooms, so they aren’t ideal for those that have lots of children or pets.


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