Business Talk: Here is how Digital Marketing is Cost-Effective

Business Talk: Here is how Digital Marketing is Cost-Effective

Digital marketing has been helping businesses all over the world to become more visible. 


However, considering how hard and expensive it is to run different business errands, your company might be a little hesitant to spend bucks on digital marketing efforts without having assurance for better results. 


Although putting efforts into your business never goes to waste, but considering the condition of business in the pandemic and the crisis, in this blog, we are going to discuss some cost-effective strategies to help your business reach the online audience. 


However, before that, we have to discuss some factual aspects of digital marketing in the present times. 


Pandemic and Digital Marketing


What is there that pandemic has not damaged?


The on-going pandemic has managed to put businesses into a crisis. No matter how hard businesses try, there is always one challenge after another for them to overcome to make their way to success in the pandemic. 


Even digital marketing was affected by the global crisis. 


The rise in COVID-19 cases has pushed ad spends levels 10% bellowed the pre-pandemic levels. 


Research shows that the most decline in ad spend was in technology and computing, business, home, and garden industries. 


Although the growth of 2.4% in the digital ad spend market is great, it will still be the lowest record by the digital marketing records. 


However, not everything is going bad. 


The 2020’s decline is still better than what digital marketing experience in the 2009 Global Financial Crisis. 


The good news is that after the economic crisis due to the pandemic, global advertising is expected to grow to 8.2% in 2021. 


Why is Digital Marketing Important? 


After so many years of giving businesses success, light, and growth, some people still doubt the efficiency of digital marketing for business.


If you OR your company is finding it hard to put their time and efforts into digital marketing, then here are a few stats for your understanding:


·         50% of search queries are made up of just four words or more. 


·         93% of all website traffic comes from search engines. 


·         Just a thumbnail in the search results can increase your traffic by 50%. 


If you are slightly convinced of how important digital marketing is for your business, then we have listed down some cost-effective marketing strategies: 


Retargeting Ads


Traffic is not just about getting people to visit your website, it is more. 


To make sure your business website has a business value, you need a digital marketing strategy that can generate targeted traffic. 


Targeted traffic does not only include people who visit your business website, instead, it involves better conversation rates that eventually make the visitor become a customer by purchasing your products. 


One way to achieve direct quality traffic is by retargeting ads. Retargeting ads refer to the tool that helps you gain an essential audience- building mechanism.


Just setting parameters about your preferred audience’s online behavior, demographic details, interest will help you place ads before those who like to buy from you or work for you. 


Also, retargeting can even be used for people who have already purchased from your website or your app.


Social Selling


One thing pandemic has taught us is that never underestimate the power of social media. 


Pandemic has forced many businesses to accelerate the digitalization, especially, of their customer and supply-chain interaction. 


The social media team working from home has become more vigilant in keeping their customers engaged through efficient social media interaction with the online audience. 


The high-speed internet service providers like Cox Internet are also the best partner to have for marketers working on their social media performance and marketing. 


This is because high-speed internet service like one from Cox Internet Packages makes sure you keep on engaging with your customers without any interruption.


However, for social selling to work, you not only need a social media team that knows how to deal with the customer but also the team who had to keep on monitoring the profile of the client and provide them valuable information regarding your brand’s product or service. 


On the other hand, make sure you post meaningful and eye-catching material on your social media profiles for social selling to work. 


Pay Per Click


Another cost-effective way to market your brand online is by investing in pay per click advertising. 


Around 45% of small businesses are using PPC advertising to market their brand to their online audience. 


You too can develop great brand awareness through this tool. 

Invest in Pr ogress

During a pandemic, the business has suffered greatly. However, there are still many ways to recover from the crisis. One way is to invest in cost-effective digital marketing tools. 

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