Does Your Website Need a Good Detox

Search engines prioritize their users’ experience. And the best search experience comes from high-quality and relevant websites. But how do robots like Google know which websites are valuable and rank-worthy for their searchers? They use multiple factors to calculate the rank of a website. One of the most critical ones of which is a website’s backlink profile.

A backlink profile is constituted by the links your website has gained from other websites on the internet.

When you start executing your SEO online marketing strategy, you create content for other, high authority websites to gain links from them. These links give your website a healthy backlink profile, which directly translates into increased web authority and contributes to your website’s search engine ranking.

But all the links that your website may gain over time might not be so valuable for your online presence. They can be the opposite of it.

You see, once your website starts seeing traffic, it is also likely to acquire links from low-quality or shady websites. These links are called toxic links and destroy your website’s hard-built authority.

And given that the authority of your website’s backlinks shape its reputation, toxic links threaten to destroy your good standing in front of Google and make your position vulnerable to the search engine’s penalties.

Being extremely sensitive about the content that Google drives its users to, it penalizes and de-ranks the websites laden with toxic links.

Regardless of how effective your SEO campaign has been, the toxicity of your backlink profile can flush all your efforts down the drain.

So, regular link detox is mandatory to ensure that your website maintains its SEO position and contributes to your online growth.

SEO internet marketing services can help you preserve the value of your backlink profile with regular link detox. But how do you know when your website needs one?

Landau Consulting, a New Jersey SEO company, has created this infographic that answers this and addresses all the other queries you may have about link detox. Check it out!

>Does Your Website Need A Good Detox?


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