Gre Study Plan & Preparation

Gre Study Plan & Preparation

Top universities and colleges from the US and other countries offer several graduate, post-graduate, and Ph.D. courses to young aspirants who wish to start their careers from the best institutes in the world. Thousands of students every year try their luck to crack the entrance exam of GRE to get a seat in top B schools.

GRE is also known as the Graduate Record Test is an important step for young minds towards the best graduate and professional schools. Students start preparing well for this exam in advance and usually, the test preparation requires 6 to 7 months.

The best strategy to crack this exam involves a detailed weekly study plan covering all the concepts and topics. It is advised to start with the basics of Math and English and proceeding towards Intermediate and High Levels. GRE test covers three sections:

  • Verbal Reasoning – This is the most important section of all as it requires a strong vocabulary, understanding the comprehensions, figure out different levels of meaning, and concluding statements.
  • Quantitative Reasoning – This section involves solving the problems using mathematical tools and models, knowledge of algebra, geometry, and arithmetic.
  • Analytical Reasoning – It determines the analytical skills of the candidate and how a complex problem can be solved with relevant solutions. This section of the test involves a broad range of topics.

The format of this exam is either paper-delivered or computer-delivered. This test is conducted across more than 500+ test centres in different countries and can be taken several times a year. Several coaching institutes have GRE prep online provision with a perfect study plan and test facilities. Cracking this exam is not a cakewalk, so one should utilize the time carefully to figure out what needs to be done daily. A daily plan would help to retain the focus, slowly and gradually one can reach towards the target.

The best tip is to stay focused and that can be achieved if a strategic plan is devised. Understanding the concepts in the beginning and solving numerous practice problems of all the sections is the best strategy for exam preparation. Sample GRE tests are available at the official and other websites that can be recommended at the preparation stage. Along with the tests, study materials for all the topics can be found at these websites. Before the exam, one must look up to the GRE expert guide.

Initially, when a candidate decides to give GRE, the probability of losing the focus is more, and understanding the basics can take time. However, with time when a study plan is prepared, a routine is set up, and one can practice time-management as well. The GRE prep online has a complete set of all the sections of study material and tests.

Week by week the time duration or the study hours can be increased. English and Maths being the important part, it’s advised to focus more on these topics and study them thoroughly inside-out. The outcome of all the inputs would be bagging a seat in a top-rated college/university.

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